GPRM building GT86 for cost efficient GT4

GPRM building GT86 for cost efficient GT4

British GT grids could be expanded in 2013 with a new GT4 car in the shape of the Toyota GT86. GPRM, the Buckingham-based motorsport engineering company, is well advanced with the design and development of what it intends to be a cost efficient, entry-level endurance car. The first completed car is due to be ready in January. There is already interest from overseas customers, and GPRM directors Gary Blackham and Roger King are hopeful of seeing at least two cars racing in the UK in 2013.

GPRM embarked on the GT4 project immediately after the Britcar24 in September where the new Toyota sports car made a successful UK race debut. Design, build and running of that project was undertaken by GPRM under the revived Team Toyota GB banner. The car used a standard production engine and gearbox as Toyota wanted to prove the pace and reliability of its new car. The Britcar24 entry finished eighth overall and third in the production class, beating several more powerful cars thanks to flawless reliability and handling described by experienced GT drivers as “mega”.

The GT4 car will offer a turbocharged, four-cylinder engine to give competitive power somewhere in the region of 350bhp. However the most attractive aspect of the car could be its affordable price with GPRM confident it can deliver a race-ready GT4 car for under £100,000 (not including tax or donor car).

“We always had a GT4 spec in mind while building the car for the Britcar24. It has a full FIA-approved roll cage, ATL competition fuel cell, air jacks and more,” explained Blackham. “The car has excellent handling, the drivers able to hustle even the top class cars through the corners. The only disadvantage was power as we ran a production standard engine (197bhp) and gearbox because that is what Toyota GB wanted. The car ran flawlessly, but we were at least 150bhp down on the class leaders. The turbo on the GT4 car will give the chassis the power to be fully competitive.”

Blackham sees the low purchase price and running costs of the GT86 as a major attraction. “You could buy a GT4 GT86 and race it for a season for the same budget needed just to buy a more exotic brand. We think a low cost, reliable car is just right for the series at this time.” Although not a works effort, the GT4 project has the blessing of Toyota GB which is providing technical support. As in the BTCC, the right team/driver set-up could also be offered support for a racing programme.

Scott Brownlee, head of PR for Toyota GB and the man responsible for the brand’s recent UK motorsport activities, explained: “Toyota GB provides a modest level support for the privateer teams in BTCC. Via GPRM, we could make a similar commitment for teams racing the GT86 in the form of discounted parts, technical assistance as well as PR and social media support. We want to see people racing our cars and will offer help where we can.” GPRM, which forged a relationship with Toyota during the development of the BTCC NGTC prototype Avensis in 2010, is also offering a range of upgrades for the new Toyota sports car with everything from a track day spec, a replica of the Britcar24 entry up to the full GT4.

GPRM Toyota GT86 GT4 specification

Based on the Toyota GT86 two-door coupe

  • Shell with FIA-approved welded-in safety roll cage
  • Wide body kit
  • Integral airjacks
  • ATL competition fuel cell
  • ATL quick-fill fuel filler
  • Turbocharged boxer 4-cylinder engine
  • Stainless steel exhaust with silencer
  • 6-speed sequential gearbox (paddle shift optional)
  • Salisbury type plate differential
  • Differential cooler with pump system
  • Adjustable camber tops
  • Strut brace
  • Uprated suspension bushings
  • Billet machined lower front wishbones
  • Billet machined upright assemblies
  • Dual master cylinder brakes
  • Brake balance bar
  • Racing 6-pot endurance front callipers
  • Racing 4-pot endurance rear callipers
  • 355 x 32 front discs with GPRM bells
  • 330 x 28 rear discs with GPRM bells
  • Racing brake pads
  • Custom built Sportsline/Koni 2-way adjustable dampers front and rear
  • Coil springs
  • Quick release steering wheel
  • Competition wiring loom
  • Lifeline fire extinguisher system
  • Electronic dashboard and logger
  • DL1 data logger
  • Competition battery
  • GPRM GT front bumper and splitter
  • GPRM GT rear wing assembly
  • Perspex windows
  • Competition seat and seat belts
  • Lightweight alloy 18x10in competition wheels
  • Centre-lock uprights

Cost less than £100,000 plus VAT where applicable
Base or donor car not included. GPRM can source a donor car if required, cost to be confirmed.
Subject to availability and painted in a single non metallic colour. Options are available, costs to be confirmed.
Delivery 12 to 14 weeks from receipt of order, deposit and donor vehicle.
Homologation to be confirmed


Paddle shift, air conditioning, electrically heated front screen